World's Top 10 Gay-Friendly Travel Destinations

If you have already been traveling abroad with your boyfriend, you might have realized that all destinations are not equally open-minded regarding same-sex couples. For this reason, we have complied a world’s top 10 of the most gay-friendly travel destinations to inspire your next holidays.

Enjoy Your Gay Holidays In Copenhagen, Denmark

As the first country to have recognized registered same-sex couples, Denmark is definitely a gay-friendly destination. Its capital Copenhagen is full of diversity and alternative people which will make you feel at home for sure!

Amongst other places to visit, you don’t want to miss Centalhjornet, Europe’s oldest openly gay bar (1950s), as well as the super-cool district of Vesterbro, the city’s red-light district. Also, go for a look at the City Hall Tower, which is one of the tallest building in the capital. It you find the courage to climb its steps, you’ll discover some of the best views of the city.

Note that in 2014 the square next to the City Hall was named the « Rainbow Square » in recognition of the quest for equal rights. Coupled with the city’s extravagant fashion scene, its incredible range of cocktail bars, its excellent array of gay-friendly shops and packed calendar of queer events, Copenhagen is definitely the gay-friendliest place on Earth.

Show Off Your Love In New Zealand

Often called the Land of the Long White Cloud, New Zealand has long been known for its inclusive and progressive behavior toward the gay community. It was indeed the first nation to adopt a « gay/lesbian friendly » label regarding businesses and accommodations. It was also a leader towards passing same-sex marriage laws in 2013 and into promoting same-sex marriage tourism.

If you’re looking for the best season to visit the country, we highly recommend to go during the Winter Pride (late July – early August), especially if you like skiing, to take part in the Gay Ski Week. The whole event has become a perennial favorite on the queer calendar.

Discover Toronto, Canada

Back on the American continent, Canada is definitely the most advanced and progressive nation for the gay community and its capital Toronto continues to be a beacon for LGBT travelers. The cultural queer hub of the city is called The Village and is located in Church-Wellesley. Gay events have thrived the neighborhood for decades (Pride celebrations last for a month there!) and, breaking news, it will soon be home to the world’s first gay-focused athletic center! 

Celebrate Your Way Of Life In Palm springs, US

We’ve already mentioned Palm Springs for its marvelous gay dance White Party, but its gay-friendly attitude doesn’t stop there. Indeed, the city is known for embracing everything that is queer directly or indirectly, but also for offering the world’s largest volume of male and female-only accommodation. Note that many of these places are clothing-optional.

If you choose Palm Springs for your next holidays, you definitely don’t want to miss the Fifties-style Escape Resort which is one of the longest running clothing-optional gay resorts in the city.

Same-Sex Couple Are Welcome In Sitges, Spain

Located on the coast, approximately 35km South-West of Barcelona, Sitges was home in the 1980s to the first-ever Spanish gay disco and has become one of Europe’s « Big four » gay-friendly travel destinations, especially for boys (the three other being Mykonos, Gran Canaria and Ibiza). Its range of often clothing-optional beaches and its eclectic calendar make it a perfect place for your next holidays.

Enjoy Diversity In Berlin, Germany

Compared to the past decades, Berlin has become a very diversified city, although its vibrant and inclusive gay history dates back to the golden age of the 1920s. If you chose this destination for your next holidays, go for a wander in the district of Schoneberg, where the Gay Pride takes place every year, or else in the districts of Kreuzberg and Prenzlauerberg, which offer a incredible array of dancing clubs that have no official closing time. In Berlin, the party never ends!

Admire Handsome Greek Men In Mykonos, Greece

As we said, Mykonos is also part of one of Europe’s « Big four » gay-friendly travel destinations. Indeed, ever since Jackie Onassis started visiting the island in the 1970, the gay community keep growing there, seeking out glamour and the famous Mediterranean sun. Whatever you do there, don’t miss the Elysium Hotel which is an exclusively gay boutique hotel.

Be Free In New York City, US

Famous for the Stonewall riots that happened in the late 60s in Greenwich Village, which launched the modern gay-rights movement, The city of New York still hosts a fabulous range of gay-friendly accommodation options, especially in the districts of West Village, Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen.

Other significant gay landmarks can be found in Christopher Street, the Harvey Milk School, Broadway and the Theater District.

Fly High To Reykjavik, Iceland

Not only is Reykjavik the world’s northernmost capital, it is also one of the gay-friendliest places on Earth. Home of the 2015 Gay Pride march, one of Europe’s oldest gay parade, and of the 11th Bears on Ice event, Reykjavik is just like the rest of the country, which has some of the world’s most progressive laws. It was indeed one of the first nation to grant equal rights to same-sex couples.

Make The Most Of Mind-Opening In Montevideo, Uruguay

Controversially to the conservativeness of many  Central and South American nations, Uruguay, being the smallest country in the sub-continent, is also the most progressive and inclusive. It was the first to decriminalize homosexuality in 1934 and also the first to legalize same-sex marriage in 2013. Still, as there are many Latin American foreigners in the capital, excessive public displays of affection are not advised.