Top 10 Best Summer Gay Pride Parades In The US In 2018

Summer is coming upon us, along with its 2018 Gay Pride Season! With the recent big strides made by many states towards equality for same-sex couples, especially regarding gay marriage being legalized a bit everywhere, we’re all very excited about going to one (or more!) of the best gay parades in the US to be loud and proud about our way of love. Here is a top 10 of the best gay prides in our country, believe us when we say you don’t want to miss it!

Celebrate Who You Are At Cleveland Pride (May 31 – June 3)

Why will « Pride in CLE » be one of the best gay parade in the US this year? Simply because it will be the first ever organized by the LGBTQ Center together with Cleveland Pride Inc. Come celebrate unity from May 31 to June 3, starting out with the Cleveland Queens Pre-Pride Event at the Grog Shop located on Cleveland’s East Side, followed by numerous colorful events until the grand finale on June 2nd, starting at noon and ending in Public Square where the festival will last until 6 pm.

Be Proud About Your Way Of Love At Washington D.C. Pride (June 7 – 10)

Washington D.C. Pride? It’s hundreds of thousands of proud gay people descending upon our nation’s capital for an iconic celebration of LGBTQI rights. 2018 theme will be « Element of Us » and will praise many facets of our diversity with the aim of bringing us closer together in our way of love. Most daily parties will take place around the historically gay district of Dupont Circle and the National Mall. Can you imagine a better place to celebrate who you are than in front of the Capitol? We guess you can’t.

Shout Out Loud That You’re Gay At Boston Pride (Saturday, June 9th)

Because there’s still plenty of work left to be done regarding equality for same-sex couples, this year’s Boston Pride has chosen “Rainbow Resistance” as a theme, a reminder of the original message of any pride, that is a protest in its core. Following a week-long celebration of the hurdles yet overcome in unity, the event will culminate on Saturday, June 9th in the Pride Parade. Come and celebrate loudly and proudly amongst a cloud of glitters and rainbows and be part of the tremendous crowd that shut down entire areas of the city during the celebration.

Safe Celebration Under The Sun At Puerto Rican Pride (Sunday, June 10th)

What else than celebrating you love and life under the sun? The Puerto Rican Pride is definitely the hottest celebration in the Caribbean, so you don’t want to miss it for sure! Join the crowd coming from all corners of the Island in the town of Cabo Rojo, in the West Coast of Puerto Rico, to celebrate unity and equality.

Spread Love At Columbus Gay Pride For All (June 15-17)

Organized by Stonewall Columbus Pride, the Pride For All is Cental Ohio’s main honor to inclusiveness and community. The weekend starts with a downtown festival at Bicentennial and Genoa Park where diversity is embodies by corporations, spiritual institutions, local LGBTQI-owned businesses, fun and leisure organizations and LGBTQI artists, from live music to drag. Let yourself get caught up in one of the largest Prides in the country, amongst glitter, rainbows, and community atmosphere.

Let’s Keep Opening Up At Denver Pride (June 16 – 17)

If you still have love to share after all these amazing gatherings, let’s now go to the Denver Pride where activities, live music, and over 200 vendors make the colorful downtown so live all Saturday long. Then, meet up the parade on Sunday bright and early (9am), leaving from Cheesman Park which is arguably our most eclectic and LGBTQI-filled neighborhood.

Keep Priding On At Chicago Parade (June 16 – 17)

In Chicago, Pride is like Carnival to Italy: a multicultural event where anyone and everyone is not only welcome but encouraged to line up along. As one of the main staple of Chicago, you can enjoy the traditional Pride’s parade on the last Sunday of June, but also the 2-days festival taking place on Halsted (historic heart of Chicago’s LGBTQI community) the weekend before.

Shout Loud And Say You’re Gay At Toronto Pride (June 22 – 24)

With more than a million attendees at the city’s 2014 World Pride, Toronto Pride has firmly been a summer festival mainstay for the past decade and continues to grow year-on-year. The extravagant midsummer homecoming to the Church-Wellesley Village welcomes bodacious drag performances and late night clubbing, culminating with no less than 3 parades highlighting inclusivity and intersectionality: the Trans’ Pride March, the Dyke March and then Sunday’s Pride Parade. LGBTQI individuals come from all corners of the earth, of different creeds, confessions, and professions to celebrate the Toronto Pride. You should too!

Celebrate Unity And Equality At San Francisco Pride (June 23 – 24)

Transplanted from Los Angeles, the San Francisco Pride has everything you’d want in one of the world’s best cities.The legendary nightlife mixes up with the LGBTQI locals in this classic city of new age ideas, where celebration of unity and equality is close to an everyday purpose with its reputation as one of the most LGBTQI-friendly cities.

Same Sex Couple In The Spotlight At San Diego Pride (July 14 – 15)

Let’s end our 2018 US Pride trip with a near-perfect weather destination: with its famous beaches locations in Southern California, the San Diego Pride is one of the most popular celebrations in the Western United States. Famous drag queens and LGBTQI families mix up with elected officials in one of the most enormous gay parade across the nation. And if the parade is not enough for you, you can spend the entire weekend at the Pride festival in nearby Balboa Park.