Top 10 Best Gay Dance Parties In The Us

There was a time, around the 70s, when gay gathering were quite extravagant and mostly for gay people, with back rooms for sex in clubs, and a low diversity. Later in the 80s, parties really toned down because of the AIDS epidemic. Then arrived the circuit parties, which opened up to a more diversified population and started to boost again gay parties. From this time, it is sometimes hard to make the difference between a gay party and a regular dance party, which shows how the minds are opening up and the different crowds are mixing in unity. 

The White Party In Palm Springs

If the White Party is the leader of all its small sisters, it’s for several reasons. Firstly, it takes place in a city where 35% of the population is gay (largely due to this even!). Secondly because it is just a one man’s cook: no committees and no associate promoters but just one man’s vision gathering some of the world’s best live performance, all of it under the most amazing weather you can imagine.


The Black & Blue Party In Montreal

Not really in the US, but we couldn’t speak about the best gay dance parties in America without mentioning it. The Black & Blue party is probably one of the best outdoor gay dance party in the world. Actually, almost half of the attendees were straight during the previous occasions, which highlights how the dancing world and the gay world are fusing together step by step.

The Black Party In The Saint at Large, New York City

Originally based on the world of S&M/taboo, this party is untouchable because it is powered by the Saint at Large venue, bringing back the mentality of the old school days of New York clubbing, a reminiscence of when there were no rules. The Black Party lives up to its wild reputation every year.


The Winter Party In Miami

As a gay friendly city, Miami welcomes every year a fantastic Winter Party. The highlight of the event is with no doubt the Muscle Beach Party, where a crowd of gorgeous men keep the whole event going strong.


The Gay Days at Disney World In Orlando

Because there is nothing more enjoyable than experiencing an amazing gay dance event while falling back into childhood, each one of you should attend to the Gay Days at Disney World at least once in their lifetime. What is amazing is that given the past decade’s global mind opening towards the gay world, there are more and more diversified people coming along. Straights, circuit boys, lesbians, gay families with kids… the event is becoming a more and more familial gathering that will probably continue to grow and succeed, for as long as Disney World is still running (which is to eternity… right?).


White Party In Miami

Pride, Winter Party, White Party… Miami has definitely more than one string to its bow for the gay world. Come enjoy its exceptional venues under an exceptional weather and don’t stop yourself spending much money as all the profit is going to one of the oldest AIDS charities.


The Pines Party/The Morning Party In Fire Island, New York

Mother of the Tea Dance, Fire Island is rich in history and legacy. As the first party ever held on the beach, the Pines Party never fails to impress with its numerous acts: altogether, the VIP Voyage, the Pool Party, the Beach Party, the Morning Party and the After Party will make you dance your body off during a whole weekend!

The Fireball In Chicago

Chicago Fireball was also one of the most famous gay dance gathering on the continent. It has set the Midwest ablaze for over a decade and was well-known for is eccentric venues such as Working Steel Mill, the lobby of the historic Uptown Theater, Union Station or else the Museum of Science and Industry.


The Southern Decadence In New Orleans

As the biggest gay event in the whole of New Orleans, the Southern Decadence couples an around-the-clock street party with all night-long dance events.


The Purple Party In Dallas

As a foundation party, Dallas Purple Party has yet donated over a half a million dollars to local AIDS charities. It has put the city on the gay party list of cities to visit for almost 15 years.