Same-Sex Parents: Adption And Fostering For Gay Couples

As the world evolves, the minds open and laws change, we see more and more same-sex couple with kids or planning to become parents through variety of pathways. Of course, it might seem easier for lesbian couples, but gay men also have different parenting options that we are going to tell you about in this article.

AHR Services & Surrogacy For Same-Sex Couples

When a couple decides to have a baby, they usually want it to be theirs and to have there genetic identity. Of course, it is not that simple when talking about same-sex couples. Still, it is always easier for lesbians, but even gay men couples have different parenting options, one of them being surrogacy (when the pregnancy is delegated to a third-party woman).

In order to resort to surrogacy, you first need to check that the practice is legal in the state / country where you wish to proceed. Then you must find a surrogate mother and head to an AHR (Assisted Human Reproductive) service or fertility center that accepts to deal with your case. Be warned, not all of them are keen on helping same-sex couples. In many countries where the is no clear legislation about it, who AHR services are provided is often determined by each clinic’s ethical guidelines.

Adoption For Gay Parents

Adoption is the most widespread option for same-sex couples wishing to have a kid, may it be a local child or a child from another country. But unfortunately, in most countries, you can’t adopt a child jointly as a couple if you are not married to each other (the same legislation applies for opposite-sex couples).

On the other hand, it is often possible for a single person to apply for child adoption. In this case, if there is an existing relationship, the partner is often assessed as a part of the adoption process, although only the person who has applied for adoption will have legal rights regarding the adopted child. The only way to bypass this restriction is to write a will appointing your partner as a guardian and leaving him custody rights in the event of your death.

In any case, you must first make sure of what your local legislation allows you to do as sadly, adoption by same-sex couple is not legal everywhere.

Foster Homosexual Parenting

Again, depending on your state / country’s legislation, if adopting is not an option, you might still be allowed to apply for fostering children even as a homosexual couple.

Fostering children is often not as scary as adopting as you tend to get more advising and monitoring. At any time you can tell if something is going wrong and if the situation becomes out of control, you can have the child taken back, which is obviously not an option is you chose surrogacy or adoption to become parents.

In any case, when applying for adoption or fostering, do not let yourself taken down by the idea that you won’t have a chance because of your sexual orientation. Note that in some countries like Germany, gay couples have more chances to be chosen as adopting or foster family as they are usually considered as more stable than heterosexual couples.