Want to learn how to sing better?

So, you love to sing, but are you really as good as you think? Maybe you’d prefer to forget a little off note here and there to keep pretending that you really are the exquisite singer you believe to be? If that’s the case, don’t bother reading this article. However, if you want to become a better singer, we have a few tips for you that will raise your singing skills rapidly.

A Romantic Dinner with Your Man

Picture this, you come home and your man has prepared a candlelit dinner. It smells incredible, the table is set beautifully and, suddenly, he appears in the room, dressed for… well, we’ll leave a little to your imagination! He walks in, and before you can go kiss him and thank him, he starts singing THAT song. You know the one! Your song.

Now, if your partner has already learned the few tips featured below, to help him raise the quality of his singing, I think he’ll be able to do whatever he wants with you afterwards. If not, it just might break the mood a little.

We all like to sing. Some of us, only when we are by ourselves in the shower or in the car, and others, whenever they can, wherever they are or who they are with. But singing is a skill which needs to be practised to reach a harmonious level. The great singers practice all the time and so should you, if you really enjoy it. There are many methods for guys to learn how to sing. We have chosen to bring you the Superior singing method, as it is the easiest one for beginners to follow and learn.

4 Tips to Help You Sing Better

Stay in Your Vocal Range

If you don’t know what it is, think of it this way: Whenever your voice reaches a pitch that’s too high or too low, then you are definitely out of your range. You will know, as it will strain your voice and you’ll get a shrieking effect that should not be heard. Once you know your vocal range, you will automatically know the songs that will be the best fit for you to sing. You’ll be quite happy to follow this advice, since singing out of your vocal range can only damage your voice.

Warm Your Voice Before Practicing

Yes, you need to practice, and there are vocal exercises that will help you get better. But first, you must make sure to warm-up before you start singing. The point to these warm-up exercises is to beef up your lungs and upgrade your voice. One of the best warm-up exercises is simply to repeat scaling your range up and down, again and again. Keep the very high and low notes for when you end your warm-up, in order not to hurt your voice. When you are done, then you can proceed to vocal exercises.

By using a piano or an electronic tuner, practice your voice to reach proper notes. These vocal exercises can also be completed by rehearsing short staccato song notes and more scales. Practice until you feel that if you kept going, it would become detrimental to your voice. Do not go beyond your limit.

Try Different Styles of Music

One of the most common problems with singers is that they can only sing one particular style of music. To remedy this, try practicing various styles of music. Different styles require different things from your voice and by enlarging your scope, you will be augmenting your possibilities and will become a better all-around singer. It’s the only way you will feel more comfortable singing ballads, which will come in handy when you prepare the candlelight dinner we mentioned in the introduction…

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

First and foremost: Do not smoke. It damages your lungs and will keep you from being able to use the full strength of your voice. Also, singing is all about breathing and smoking will also be a problem in that respect. Ultimately, in worst case scenarios, it can even damage your vocal cords permanently. So clearly, if you want to keep singing, stay away from cigarettes.

A healthy lifestyle includes more than just avoiding smoking of course. Anything that has potential to harm your voice should be prescribed. For example, meals that are too hot or too cold as well as too spicy can also cause damage to your vocal cords. Before singing, stay away from chocolate, milk and other dairy products, as they can coat your vocal cords and affect your voice.

There is no doubt that by following these simple tips your singing capacity will increase. But as in everything else; practice is the key. If you really want to impress the people around you or start a singing career, make sure to do so as often as you can. Be happy when you hit the right note and try again if you haven’t. And since there is always more to learn, check out the full Superior singing method to develop your skill furthermore.